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Product picture for Imagined Communities: Reflections on the Origin and Spread of Nationalism by Benedict Anderson
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The defining best selling book on the history origins and development of nationalism What are the imagined communities that compel men to kill or to die for an idea of a nation This notion of nationhood had its origins in the founding of the Americas but was then adopted and transformed by populist movements in nineteenth century Europe It became the rallying cry for anti Imperialism as well as the abiding explanation for colonialism In this scintillating groundbreaking work of intellectual...
Book cover from Man Tiger: A Novel by Eka Kurniawan
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Winner of the 2016 Financial Times Emerging Voices Award, and longlisted for the 2016 Man Booker International Prize

A wry, affecting tale set in a small town on the Indonesian coast, Man Tiger tells the story of two interlinked and tormented families and of Margio, a young man ordinary in all particulars except that he conceals within himself a supernatural female white tiger. The inequities and betrayals of family life coalesce around and torment this magical being. An explosive act...
Book cover from The Spectre of Comparisons: Nationalism, Southeast Asia, and the World by Benedict Anderson
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“‘Come, let us build a Third Kingdom, and in this Third Reich, hey, sisters, you will live happily; hey, brothers, you will live happily; hey, kids, you will live happily; hey, you German patriots, you will see Germany sitting enthroned above all the peoples in this world.’ How clever Hitler was, brothers and sisters, in depicting these ideals!”

Thus the late President Sukarno of Indonesia, an anti-colonial leader, in a public speech while accepting an honorary degree, and...
Book cover from Imagined Communities: Reflections on the Origin and Spread of Nationalism by Benedict Anderson
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What makes people love and die for nations, as well as hate and kill in their name? While many studies have been written on nationalist political movements, the sense of nationality—the personal and cultural feeling of belonging to the nation—has not received proportionate attention. In this widely acclaimed work, Benedict Anderson examines the creation and global spread of the ‘imagined communities’ of nationality.

Anderson explores the processes that created these communities:...
Book cover from Language and Power: Exploring Political Cultures in Indonesia by Benedict R. Og Anderson
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In this lively book, Benedict R. O'G. Anderson explores the cultural and political contradictions that have arisen from two critical facts in Indonesian history: that while the Indonesian nation is young, the Indonesian nation is ancient originating in the early seventeenth-century Dutch conquests; and that contemporary politics are conducted in a new language. Bahasa Indonesia, by peoples (especially the Javanese) whose cultures are rooted in medieval times. Analyzing a spectrum of examples...
Book cover from In the Mirror: Literature and Politics in Siam in the American Era by Benedict R. Og Anderson
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A representative sampling of the short fiction produced by a single generation of Thai writers during the "American Era" in Thailand, the two decades from the mid-1950s to the mid-1970s, when US involvement in politics and the economy ignited rapid social change and awakened a group of thoughtful new authors.
Book cover from A Life Beyond Boundaries: A Memoir by Benedict Anderson
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An intellectual memoir by the author of the acclaimed Imagined Communities

Born in China, Benedict Anderson spent his childhood in California and Ireland, was educated in England and finally found a home at Cornell University, where he immersed himself in the growing field of Southeast Asian studies. He was expelled from Suharto’s Indonesia after revealing the military to be behind the attempted coup of 1965, an event which prompted reprisals that killed up to a million communists and...
Book cover from All the Conspirators by Carlos Bulosan
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In this mystery thriller set at the end of World War II, American Gar Stanley returns to his native Philippines to help his childhood sweetheart locate her missing husband in the wake of a Japanese ambush. With Clem's ring as his only clue, Gar moves from the nightclubs of Manila to the mountains of Baguio, from mansions to hovels, bordellos to churches. He pursues and is pursued by bankers, matrons, hoboes, warriors, and thugs. Gar quickly realizes that no one is who they seem in this...
Book cover from Coming to Terms with the Nation: Ethnic Classification in Modern China (Asia: Local Studies / Global Themes) by Thomas Mullaney
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China is a vast nation comprised of hundreds of distinct ethnic communities, each with its own language, history, and culture. Today the government of China recognizes just 56 ethnic nationalities, or minzu, as groups entitled to representation. This controversial new book recounts the history of the most sweeping attempt to sort and categorize the nation's enormous population: the 1954 Ethnic Classification project (minzu shibie). Thomas S. Mullaney draws on recently declassified material and...
Book cover from A Preliminary Analysis of the October 1, 1965 Coup in Indonesia (Classic Indonesia) by Benedict R. OG. Anderson
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Although numerous accounts have been published of the genesis and character of the attempted October 1965 coup in Indonesia, many important aspects of that affair still remain very unclear. The fact that in most accounts so much of the picture has been painted in black and white, and in language of categorical certainty, has served only to paper over the enormous gaps in established knowledge of the event.

In his present introduction to the paper here published, Professor Anderson...