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Product picture for What Unites Us: Reflections on Patriotism by Dan Rather
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“I find myself thinking deeply about what it means to love America, as I surely do.” —Dan Rather

At a moment of crisis over our national identity, venerated journalist Dan Rather has emerged as a voice of reason and integrity, reflecting on—and writing passionately about—what it means to be an American. Now, with this collection of original essays, he reminds us of the principles upon which the United States was founded....
Book cover from Rather Outspoken: My Life in the News by Dan Rather
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This memoir by Dan Rather is told in a straightforward and conversational voice, and covers all the important moments of his journalistic career, including a frank accounting of his dismissal from CBS, the Abu Ghraib story, the George W. Bush Air National Guard controversy, new insights on the JFK assassination, the origin of "Hurricane Dan" as well as inside stories about all the U.S. Presidents he covered and all the top personalities Dan has either interviewed or worked with over his...
Book cover from As I Saw It: A Reporters Intrepid Journey by Marvin Scott
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Over a career spanning more than 50 years, veteran journalist Marvin Scott has seen it all.  From international headlines to local heroes, the eleven-time Emmy Award–winner and member of the New York State Broadcasters Hall of Fame has covered the news with objectivity and integrity, bringing journalistic excellence to every level of reporting.  Scott has interviewed six presidents, visited the frontlines of war in the Middle East and Asia, and witnessed the rise of America’s space...
Book cover from Catskill Rivers: Birthplace of American Fly Fishing by Austin M. Francis
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Catskill Rivers is the story of the “birthplace of the American fly fishing.” Readers will discover this birthplace in such hallowed trout streams as the Beaverkill, the Willowemoc, the Neversink, the Delaware, the Esopus, and the Schoharie. While originally published in 1983, Catskill Rivers remains the definitive study of these fabled waters and the remarkable people who created the American fly-fishing tradition.

Painstakingly researched and imaginatively told, readers will also...
Book cover from When the News Went Live: Dallas 1963 by Bob Huffaker
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When routine coverage of JFK's Dallas visit suddenly evolved into reporting a worldwide tragedy, KRLD reporters assumed the duty of reassuring a shocked nation and an anxious world. Broadcast journalism came of age in that crisis, and KRLD News earned the profession's highest honor for its on-the-scene reporting. The writers worked in support of Dan Rather and Walter Cronkite as they reported the first on-camera murder and initiated the first continuous live coverage. Reporters who were part of...
Book cover from From Slave to Statesman: The Legacy of Joshua Houston, Servant to Sam Houston by Patricia Smith Prather
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This is the story of the “other” Houston, Joshua, the slave of Margaret Lea until she married Sam Houston and moved to Texas in 1840. Joshua was unique among slaves: he was taught to read and write, and was allowed to keep money he earned. The story is set in a background of historical details about southern social history before, during, and after the Civil War.

Sources include slave autobiographies and biographies; Houston family letters; oral histories of descendants of both...
Book cover from Our Times by Mark Sullivan
Book › Hardcover
Originally published in six volumes in the 1930s under the auspices of journalist Mark Sullivan, an abridged edition edited by the veteran CBS-TV journalist chronicles the social and political history of America from the 1890s to the 1920s and features two hundred illustrations. 50,000 first printing.
Book cover from America at War by Dan Rather
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The journalists of CBS News offer a firsthand look at the war in Iraq, presenting eyewitness accounts of the conflict by Dan Rather, Cynthia Bowes, Jim Axelrod, and others, along with more than 125 photographs, maps, and a DVD containing several hours of video, including never-before-seen footage. 250,000 first printing. Illustrations. Maps.
Book cover from What We Saw: The Events of September 11, 2001, in Words, Pictures, and Video (Book and DVD) by Dan Rather
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A historical record of the events of September 11 and what was learned from them is culled from the CBS News archives and includes a full-length DVD of video footage. 250,000 first printing.
Book cover from The Palace Guard by Dan Rather
Book › Hardcover
Palace Guard, The, by Rather, Dan And Gary Paul Gates