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Product picture for Totally Crazy Easy Florida Gardening: The Secret to Growing Piles of Food in the Sunshine State by David The Good
Book › Paperback
Are you tired of failing at your Florida gardening? Are stink bugs puncturing your tomatoes and nematodes gnawing your eggplants? Is the sand eating your compost like an RV swallows gas? Fear not! You CAN grow buckets upon buckets of food in Florida - and this book gives you the secrets to pulling it off year after year. Lots more food - for a lot less work! Whether you want to save money, feed your family, start a survival garden, garden year-round, go paleo or build a huge prepper garden,...
Book cover from Create Your Own Florida Food Forest by David The Good
Book › Paperback
If you've been fighting with your Florida garden, you're doing it wrong! Florida wants to be covered in forest, not grass and annuals. Picture yourself strolling through a lush and tame jungle loaded with sweet fruit, vegetables, roots, medicinal herbs, flowers and darting butterflies. Now imagine that Eden is your very own Florida yard - it can be if you plant a food forest! By creating an edible forest garden, you'll be working with nature instead of against her. No matter where you live in...
Book cover from Grow or Die: The Good Guide to Survival Gardening by David the Good
Book › Paperback
What if everything collapsed tomorrow? What if the shelves on the supermarket were empty? What if you couldn't get gas for your tiller? What if you didn't stockpile fertilizer... or water? What if you've never even planted a garden in your life... and your life depended on growing your own food? Don't panic! Grow or Die: The Good Guide to Survival Gardening has the answers. From hand tools that will till the ground better than a tractor to plans for growing all the calories you need in a crisis...
Book cover from Amazing Grace: The Nine Principles of Living in Natural Magic by David Wolfe
Book › Paperback
It’s official; embraced by everyone from stars like Uma Thurman and Woody Harrelson to average people who are seeking the best health possible, raw food and the live food lifestyle is “in.” But making that transition can be a challenge. That’s where Amazing Grace comes in. Written by raw-foods authority David Wolfe with life coach Nick Good, this combination of personal story and motivational guide offers a wealth of ways to improve life, health, and spirit by adopting this nurturing,...
Book cover from Winding Machines: Mechanics and Measurement by James K.
Book › Hardcover
Complete guide to all winder mechanical arrangements and control stategies; Practical and theoretical know-how for predicting and avoiding roll defects; Quantitative techniques for measuring and improving roll quality; Accompanying CD-ROM provides computer models for many winding situations -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This new book, by two of the world's foremost experts, is the definitive guide to how winding machines work and how wound...
Book cover from CHESS Notes: Christ Has Enlightening Success Strategies by Bicchiere Alta
Book › Paperback
Make your move. I was 23 years old when I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. After (another) manic tear through finances, promiscuity, profanity, and violence, I was hospitalized and diagnosed. I was in total denial. I thought my strategy of refining my model-beautiful looks, raw musical talent, marketing and promotions prowess, and obtaining my Masters degree would allow me to escape the truth of my condition. I continually moved these low-ranking pieces of worldly stature around the board...
Book cover from From World War to Waldheim: Culture and Politics in Austria and the United States (Austrian and Habsburg Studies) by Bicchiere Alta
Book › Hardcover
The growing internationalization of the world poses a fundamental question, i.e., through what mechanisms does culture diffuse across political boundaries and what is the role of politics in shaping this diffusion? This volume offers some answers through the case study of the relationship between two quite different states during the Cold War era - Austria, a small neutral country, and the United States, the reigning superpower. The authors challenge naive notions of cultural diffusion that...
Book cover from The Way Around: Finding My Mother and Myself Among the Yanomami by David Good
Book › Paperback
Rooted in two vastly different cultures, a young man struggles to understand himself, find his place in the world, and reconnect with his mother—and her remote tribe in the deepest jungles of the Amazon rainforest—in this powerful memoir that combines adventure, history, and anthropology.

“My Yanomami family called me by name. Anyopo-we. What it means, I soon learned, is ‘long way around’: I’d taken the long way around obstacles to be here among my people, back where I...
Book cover from Staging Disorder by David Good
Book › Paperback
The concept of ?staging disorder? looks not to how photographers have staged disordered reality themselves, but rather to how these artists have recognized and responded to a phenomenon of staging that already exists in the world. Military simulations of rooms, houses, planes, streets and whole fake towns in different parts of the globe provoke a series of questions concerning the nature of truth as it manifests itself in current photographic practice, drawing from Adam Broomberg & Oliver...