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Product picture for Not Caring What Other People Think Is A Superpower: Insights From a Heavyweight Boxer by Ed Latimore
Book › Paperback
Not caring what people think is a superpower that will allow you to get what you want out of life. Most people worry about what others will think, so they suffocate their actions. As a result, they never live up to their potential. Within this book are insights about life and living to the fullest in 7 categories. You Will Learn: -The real reason the ability to work hard is so highly valued. -How to identify where to invest your emotional energy for the greatest return -Why you can't afford to...
Book cover from Think and Go Hustle by Dylan Madden
Book › Paperback
Life is a game. How would you like to make the rules? Think and Go Hustle is your tool to build not only yourself but a game where you're the main character. It's time for you to flip the script and take charge of your life. For the first time ever you will be introduced to a book that acts a video-game. During your journey, you will build your character, create a script, and learn actionable strategies. What separates Think and Go Hustle from other books is two-fold: 1) Dylan tells his...
Book cover from Twitter Poems and Insights by Ed Latimore
Book › Paperback
Paradox: One's potential for expression is often only realized after restraints are put in place. My restricting medium is Twitter. Each poem unlocks a valuable piece of wisdom concerning life. The poem is followed up with a more in-depth explanation and a piece of actionable advice to solidify the concept covered.
Book cover from How to Catch and Kill A Crackhead: The Definitive Guide by Ed Latimore
Book › Paperback
There is a terrible scourge lurking in the night that many people are clueless about. No one is immune to becoming a victim. After reading this guide you will be fully prepared to deal with one of the most destructive forces of nature (behind hurricanes, poltergeist and hoodrats). I will arm you with one of the most ancient collections of knowledge created solely to deal with crackheads.
Book cover from The Four Confidences by Ed Latimore
Book › Paperback
This is a short book that answers the burning question of our time: “How do I build confidence?” I don’t like giving out purely tactical ideas like “do this” or “do that” because confidence is like work experience: people only hire you if you have it, but to get it you need people to hire you. I refused to throw more garbage into that well of circular thinking. What I give you instead is a way for you to change your mind into a confidence building machine.