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Product picture for Five Proofs of the Existence of God by Edward Feser
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This book provides a detailed, updated exposition and defense of five of the historically most important (but in recent years largely neglected) philosophical proofs of God’s existence: the Aristotelian, the Neo-Platonic, the Augustinian, the Thomistic, and the Rationalist.

It also offers a thorough treatment of each of the key divine attributes—unity, simplicity,  eternity, omnipotence, omniscience, perfect goodness, and so forth—showing that they  must be possessed by the...
Book cover from The Last Superstition: A Refutation of the New Atheism by Edward Feser
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Argues that "new atheism" is based on an unfounded "mechanical" view of the world and the "teleological" vision of the ancient philosophers is rationally vindicated.
Book cover from Aquinas (A Beginners Guide) by Edward Feser
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One of the most influential philosophers and theologians in history, St. Thomas Aquinas was the father of modern philosophy of religion, and is infamous for his "proofs" for God’s existence. In this cogent introduction to the great Saint's work, Edward Feser argues that you cannot fully understand Aquinas' philosophy without his theology and vice versa. Covering his thoughts on the soul, natural law, metaphysics, and the interaction of faith and reason, this will prove indispensable for...
Book cover from Philosophy of Mind (A Beginners Guide) by Edward Feser
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In this lively and entertaining introduction to the philospohy of the mind, Edward Feser explores the questions central to the discipline.
Book cover from By Man Shall His Blood Be Shed: A Catholic Defense of Capital Punishment by Edward Feser
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The Catholic Church has in recent decades been associated with political efforts to eliminate the death penalty. It was not always so. This timely work reviews and explains the Catholic Tradition regarding the death penalty, demonstrating that it is not inherently evil and that it can be reserved as a just form of punishment in certain cases. 

Drawing upon a wealth of philosophical, scriptural, theological, and social scientific arguments, the authors explain the perennial ...
Book cover from Scholastic Metaphysics: A Contemporary Introduction (Scholastic Editions – Editiones Scholasticae) by Edward Feser
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Scholastic Metaphysics: A Contemporary Introduction provides an overview of Scholastic approaches to causation, substance, essence, modality, identity, persistence, teleology, and other issues in fundamental metaphysics. The book interacts heavily with the literature on these issues in contemporary analytic metaphysics, so as to facilitate the analytic reader’s understanding of Scholastic ideas and the Scholastic reader’s understanding of contemporary analytic philosophy. The Aristotelian...
Book cover from The Philosophy of Mind: A Short Introduction by Edward Feser
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In this accessible introduciton to one of the fastest growing areas in contemporary philosophy, Edward Feser outlines all the main areas of debate and assesses the most important theories and thinkers, from Descartes and dualism to Searle and the Chinese Room experiment.
Book cover from Neo-Scholastic Essays by Edward Feser
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"In a series of publications over the course of a decade, Edward Feser has argued for the defensibility and abiding relevance to issues in contemporary philosophy of Scholastic ideas and arguments, and especially of Aristotelian-Thomistic ideas and arguments. This work has been in the vein of what has come to be known as "analytical Thomism," though the spirit of the project goes back at least to the Neo-Scholasticism of the period from the late nineteenth century to the middle of the...
Book cover from Aristotle on Method and Metaphysics (Philosophers in Depth) by Edward Feser
Book › Hardcover
Aristotle on Method and Metaphysics is a collection of new and cutting-edge essays by prominent Aristotle scholars and Aristotelian philosophers on themes in ontology, causation, modality, essentialism, the metaphysics of life, natural theology, and scientific and philosophical methodology. Though grounded in careful exegesis of Aristotle's writings, the volume aims to demonstrate the continuing relevance of Aristotelian ideas to contemporary philosophical debate. The contributors are Robert...
Book cover from Planning Support Methods: Urban and Regional Analysis and Projection by Richard E. Klosterman
Book › Paperback
Planning Support Methods offers a practical quantitative guide to the key concepts and methods of urban and regional planning. The authors apply and critically assess the most important underlying forecasting methods for the demographic and economic analysis and projection fields, providing an essential resource for practicing planners and planning students alike.