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Product picture for Democracy-The God That Failed: The Economics and Politics of Monarchy, Democracy, and Natural Order (Perspectives on Democratic Practice) by Hans-Hermann Hoppe
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The core of this book is a systematic treatment of the historic transformation of the West from monarchy to democracy. Revisionist in nature, it reaches the conclusion that monarchy is a lesser evil than democracy, but outlines deficiencies in both. Its methodology is axiomatic-deductive, allowing the writer to derive economic and sociological theorems, and then apply them to interpret historical events.

A compelling chapter on time preference describes the progress of civilization as...
Book cover from The Ethics of Liberty by Murray N. Rothbard
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In recent years, libertarian impulses have increasingly influenced national and economic debates, from welfare reform to efforts to curtail affirmative action. Murray N. Rothbard's classic The Ethics of Liberty stands as one of the most rigorous and philosophically sophisticated expositions of the libertarian political position.

What distinguishes Rothbard's book is the manner in which it roots the case for freedom in the concept of natural rights and applies it to a host of practical...
Book cover from Short History of Man: Progress and Decline by Hans-Hermann Hoppe
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A Short History of Man: Progress and Decline represents nothing less than a sweeping revisionist history of mankind, in a concise and readable volume. Dr. Hans-Hermann Hoppe skillfully weaves history, sociology, ethics, and Misesian praxeology to present an alternative — and highly challenging — view of human economic development over the ages. As always, Dr. Hoppe addresses the fundamental questions as only he can. How do family and social bonds develop? Why is the concept of private...
Book cover from Therapie Und Verlauf Neurologischer Erkrankungen (German Edition) by Hans-Hermann Hoppe
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Das grosse Referenz- und Facharztbuch zur klinischen Neurologie liegt hiermit unter der Federfuhrung der international renommierten Herausgeber und der Mitarbeit von uber 150 Fachexperten als eine erweiterte und uberarbeitete Neuauflage vor. Durch die thematische Neuausrichtung einzelner Beitrage, z. B. zu Tinnitus, Schlafstorungen, vaskularen Malformationen oder zu neurokutanen Syndromen, und zwei zusatzliche Kapitel, namlich zu Neuropadiatrie und Neurogeriatrie, hat die 7. Auflage viel Neues...
Book cover from White, Right, and Libertarian by Christopher Chase Rachels
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"White, Right, and Libertarian" is a compilation of sociopolitical essays which accomplish three major tasks: First, libertarianism (a.k.a anarcho-capitalism) is strictly defined and grounded in the private property ethic, contrary to the practice of so-called left-“libertarians.” Second, the notion that open State borders and “freedom of movement” are positions derived from libertarian principles is refuted. Finally, the alternative right (Alt-right) and libertarianism are revealed as...
Book cover from A Theory of Socialism and Capitalism by Hans-Hermann Hoppe
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New 2nd Edition w/ new Intro by Hans Hoppe Here is Hans Hoppe's first treatise in English - actually his first book in English - and the one that put him on the map as a social thinker and economist to watch. He argued that there are only two possible archetypes in economic affairs: socialism and capitalism. All systems are combinations of those two types. The capitalist model he defines as pure protection of private property, free association, and exchange - no exceptions. All deviations from...
Book cover from Radical Coup: A Case for Reaction by Sean Gabb
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From the Foreword by Hans-Hermann Hoppe:

Gabb provides detailed analyses of many issues currently hotly debated both in and outside of libertarian circles all across the Western world, and assesses their role and impetus in the process of social change. Thus, the reader will find many valuable, historically informed insights regarding the issues of “free” (mass) immigration vs. controlled borders, multiculturalism vs. cultural homogeneity, secession vs. centralization, of...
Book cover from The Myth of National Defense: Essays on the Theory and History of Security Production by Hans-Hermann Hoppe
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With eleven chapters by top libertarian scholars on all aspects of defense, this book edited by Hans-Hermann Hoppe it represents an ambitious attempt to extend the idea of free enterprise to the provision of security services. It argues that "national defense" as provided by government is a myth not unlike the myth of socialism itself. It is more viably privatized and replaced by the market provision of security.
Book cover from The Economics and Ethics of Private Property (Large Print Edition) by Hans-Hermann Hoppe
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"Do not steal" is an excellent principle of ethics; it is also the first principle of sound economic systems. In our time, no one has done more than Hans-Hermann Hoppe to elaborate on the sociological implications of this truth. And this is his great work on the topic. The Austrian tradition is known for offering the most hard-core defense of private property, and the most consistent application of that principle, of any school of...
Book cover from Economic Science and the Austrian Method by Hans-Hermann Hoppe
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A definitive defense of the praxeological view: economics as a purely deductive science. Hoppe rests his argument on the Kantian idea of the "synthetic apriori" proposition, thereby expanding an aim of Mises's in the methodology section of Human Action. Hoppe is the Austrian School's most prominent methodologist, and here he is in top form.