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Product picture for SJWs Always Double Down: Anticipating the Thought Police (The Laws of Social Justice) by Vox Day
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Whether you realize it or not, if you live in the West, you are currently engulfed in a civilization-wide cultural war that is taking place all around you. Maybe you’re aware of it, or maybe you’re not. It doesn’t matter. The cultural war is real and it is vicious. And unlike a traditional shooting war between different nations, in a cultural war there are no civilians. There are no neutral parties, since no fence-sitting is permitted, and there is no common ground to be found. No one is...
Book cover from The Nine Laws by Ivan Throne
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THE NINE LAWS is your living manual of power, distilled for you by the man who was forced to build it to survive. The author forged this system over decades of cruel experience. It began with profound trauma in early childhood, shaped itself during long training in the eastern warrior arts, and was polished amidst financial industry competition and family crisis. Master this content, discover the full extent of your capabilities, and deliver yourself to a place that few men ever reach: joyous...
Book cover from MAGA 2020 & Beyond by Milo Yiannopoulos
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MAGA 2020 & Beyond tells the tales of a prosperous future where society has righted itself.
FOREWORD by Milo Yiannopoulos
45 by Brad Torgerson When a Secret Service agent interrupts an assassin claiming to be from the future, neither one of them is ready for their assumptions to be challenged.  
M.A.G.A.I. When the latest AI program takes President Trump's command literally, interesting things happen.
The Man in the...
Book cover from The Laws of Social Justice (2 Book Series) by Vox Day
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From Book 1: Social Justice Warriors have plagued mankind for more than 150 years, but only in the last 30 years has their ideology become dominant in the West. Having invaded one institution of the cultural high ground after another, from corporations and churches to video games and government, there is nowhere that remains entirely free of their intolerant thought and speech policing.

Because the SJW agenda of diversity, tolerance, inclusiveness, and equality flies in the face of...