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Product picture for The Girl Next Doorby Jack Ketchum
Book › Paperback
A teenage girl is held captive and brutally tortured by neighborhood children. Based on a true story, this shocking novel reveals the depravity of which we are all capable.This novel contains graphic content and is recommended for regular readers of horror novels.
Book cover from Shining in the Dark: Celebrating Twenty Years of Liljas Library!by Hans-Åke Lilja
Book › Hardcover
Hans-Ake Lilja, founder of Lilja's Library, has compiled a brand new anthology of horror stories to help celebrate twenty years of running the #1 Stephen King news website on the web! This anthology includes both original stories like the brand new novella by John Ajvide Lindqvist (Let the Right One In), very rare reprints like "The Blue Air Compressor" (a LONG LOST Stephen King story that has never appeared in any of his collections and hasn't seen print anywhere since 1981), and at least one...
Book cover from Off Seasonby Jack Ketchum
Book › Paperback
September. A beautiful New York editor retreats to a lonely cabin on a hill in the quiet Maine beach town of Dead River—off season—awaiting her sister and friends. Nearby, a savage human family with a taste for flesh lurks in the darkening woods, watching, waiting for the moon to rise and night to fall...And before too many hours pass, five civilized, sophisticated people and one tired old country sheriff will learn just how primitive we all are beneath the surface...and that there are no...
Book cover from The Lostby Jack Ketchum
Book › Paperback
It was the summer of 1965. Ray, Tim, and Jennifer were just three teenage friends hanging out in the campgrounds, drinking a little. But Tim and Jennifer didn't know what their friend Ray had in mind. And if they'd known, they wouldn't have thought he was serious. Then they saw what he did to the two girls at the neighboring campsite—and knew he was dead serious.Four years later, the 60s were drawing to a close. No one ever charged Ray with the murders in the campgrounds, but there was one...
Book cover from Hide and Seekby Jack Ketchum
Book › Paperback
Hide and Seek is a book about games. Reckless, dangerous games. Games you might even want to play yourself if you're with the right people. But shouldn't. Not ever. In a small Maine town, a group of thrill seeking college kids finds a game of hide and seek in an abandoned house turning into a reality of stark terror.
Book cover from Offspring: The Sequel to Off Seasonby Jack Ketchum
Book › Paperback
Jack KetchumÂ’s original novel of cannibalism in Maine, Off Season, was first met with a lot of controversy when it was originally released in 1980. However sales of over 250,000 mass market editions made this first time novelist a major force in the horror and suspense genres. Now OFFSPRING, the sequel to Off Season, has been released in this unique edition. Just when you thought the horror of Off Season was vanquished in their first outing, The Family, lives on... years later continuing to...
Book cover from Red Room Issue 1: Magazine of Extreme Horror and Hardcore Dark Crime (Red Room Magazine)by Jack Ketchum
Book › Perfect Paperback
Red Room is a magazine of extreme horror and hardcore dark crime, full color and fully illustrated. FICTION BY: Jack Ketchum, Meg Elison, Tim Waggoner, David James Keaton, Larry Hinkle, Tom Barlow, Nick Manzolillo, Josh Scott Wilson, and Gil Valle. "The Phantom Video Stream" by Nick Manzolillo sets the tone with red-room atmospherics in the story of a man who discovers a hidden channel streaming from what may be another reality. Tim Waggoner's "Are You Crazy?" answers its own question in...
Book cover from Right to Life: And 2 Storiesby Jack Ketchum
Book › Paperback
One of the most sought-after collectibles from contemporary author Jack Ketcham, this book tells a gruesome, fact-based story of kidnapping, brutality, and revenge.
Book cover from The Secret Life of Souls: A Novelby Jack Ketchum
Book › Hardcover
A gripping family drama that brilliantly explores the relationship between a young girl and her dog―and the mysteries that lie within. At the heart of this psychological suspense novel is the haunting depiction of a family’s fall and the extraordinary gifted dog, Caity, who knows the truth. As the drama unfolds Caity evolves from protector to savior, from scapegoat to prop, and eventually, from avenger to survivor. She is an unselfish soul in a selfish world―and she is written with depth...
Book cover from D.O.A. III: Extreme Horror Anthology (Volume 3)by Bentley Little
Book › Paperback
After six years and more than fifty authors, the Unholy Trinity is complete. This third installment in the DOA series offers thirty stories from the originators of splatterpunk as well as the newest voices in extreme horror. You'll'll'll vomit. Don't say we didn't warn you. Stories from Bentley Little -Jack Ketchum & Edward Lee - Shane Mckenzie - Wrath James White - Richard Christian Matheson - Kristopher Triana - T.M. McLean - Sean Eads & Joshua Viola - T. Fox Dunham -...