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Product picture for Fools Crow (Penguin Classics) by James Welch
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The 25th-anniversary edition of "a novel that in the sweep and inevitability of its a major contribution to Native American literature." (Wallace Stegner)

In the Two Medicine Territory of Montana, the Lone Eaters, a small band of Blackfeet Indians, are living their immemorial life. The men hunt and mount the occasional horse-taking raid or war party against the enemy Crow. The women tan the hides, sew the beadwork, and raise the children. But the year is 1870, and the whites...
Book cover from Winter in the Blood (Penguin Classics) by James Welch
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A contemporary classic from a major writer of the Native American renaissance, now adapted for film by Alex and Andrew Smith, starring Chaske Spencer and produced by Sherman Alexie

During his life, James Welch came to be regarded as a master of American prose, and his first novel, Winter in the Blood, is one of his most enduring works. The narrator of this beautiful, often disquieting novel is a young Native American man living on the Fort Belknap Reservation in Montana. Sensitive and...
Book cover from ESV Mens Devotional Bible by ESV Bibles by Crossway
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Our world presents daily distractions that can easily displace Christ as the center of a man’s heart and life. The goal of the ESV Men’s Devotional Bible is to strengthen and encourage men through the life-giving Word of God and sound devotional content aimed at nurturing godliness.

With 365 theologically rich and gospel-centered devotions drawn directly from the Bible, this all-new resource was created under the editorial oversight of Dr. Sam Storms with contributions from over...
Book cover from The Death of Jim Loney (Penguin Classics) by James Welch
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James Welch never shied away from depicting the lives of Native Americans damned by destiny and temperament to the margins of society. The Death of Jim Loney is no exception. Jim Loney is a mixed-blood, of white and Indian parentage. Estranged from both communities, he lives a solitary, brooding existence in a small Montana town. His nights are filled with disturbing dreams that haunt his waking hours. Rhea, his lover, cannot console him; Kate, his sister, cannot penetrate his world. In sparse,...
Book cover from Japanese Tales of Mystery and Imagination by Edogawa Rampo
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This collection of mystery and horror stories is regarded as Japan's answer to Edgar Allan Poe.

Japanese Tales of Mystery & Imagination, the first volume of its kind translated into English, is written with the quick tempo of the West but rich with the fantasy of the East. These nine bloodcurdling, chilling tales present a genre of literature largely unknown to readers outside Japan, including the strange story of a quadruple amputee and his perverse wife; the record of a man who...
Book cover from Asatru Book of Blotar and Rituals: by the Asatru Folk Assembly by Stephen A. McNallen
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This brand new book is filled with 18 blots to Asatru gods and goddesses and 13 rituals for every occasion, submitted by Asatru Folk Assembly members and ordained AFA Clergy.

You'll find blots to Ostara, Thor, Ullr, Freya, Vidar and many more.

There are landtakings, weddings, baby namings, man and woman making rituals and more - everything the modern Asatruar needs!

You can use the blots and rituals as they are, or customize them for your personal use.

Book cover from The Heartsong of Charging Elk: A Novel by James Welch
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From the award-winning author of the Native American classic Fools Crow, James Welch gives us a richly crafted novel of cultural crossing that is a triumph of storytelling and the historical imagination.

Charging Elk, an Oglala Sioux, joins Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show and journeys from the Black Hills of South Dakota to the back streets of nineteenth-century Marseille. Left behind in a Marseille hospital after a serious injury while the show travels on, he is forced to remake his...
Book cover from Winter Wheat by Mildred Walker
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For this Bison Books edition, James Welch, the acclaimed author of Winter in the Blood (1986) and other novels, introduces Mildred Walker's vivid heroine, Ellen Webb, who lives in the dryland wheat country of central Montana during the early 1940s. He writes, "It is a story about growing up, becoming a woman, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, within the space of a year and a half. But what a year and a half it is!" Welch offers a brief biography of Walker, who wrote nine of her thirteen...
Book cover from Ploughshares Spring 1994: Tribes by Mildred Walker
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Stories and Poems. Contributors to this issue include: Sherman Alexie, S. Ben-Tov, Dana Boussard, Kevin Bowen, Rafael Campo, Richard Chess, Sharon Cumberland, Gina Dorcely, Joseph Duemer, Debra Earling, Anita Endrezze, Ted Genoways, Diane Glancy, Patricia Goedicke, Jeffrey Greene, Ann Harleman, Margaret Kaufman, Marshall N. Klimasewiski, Mark Levine, Peter Marcus, Ted McNulty, Scott Momaday, Lee Ann Mortensen, Thylias Moss, Ophelia Navarro, Simon Ortiz, Eileen Pollack, Alberto Alvaro Ríos,...
Book cover from Killing Custer: The Battle of Little Big Horn and the Fate of the Plains Indians by James Welch
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General George Custer's 1876 attack on a huge encampment of Plains Indians has gone down as the most disastrous defeat in American history. Much less understood is how disastrous it was for the "victors, " the Sioux and Cheyenne under the leadership of Sitting Bull: within fifteen years all Native Americans were confined to reservations, their culture in ruins. James Welch poignantly resurrects their side of the story from beneath a mountain of myth and misinterpretation, relating in masterful...