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Product picture for I Wonder by Annaka Harris
Book › Hardcover
“I Wonder offers crucial lessons in emotional intelligence, starting with being secure in the face of uncertainty. Annaka Harris has woven a beautiful tapestry of art, storytelling, and profound wisdom. Any young child – and parent – will benefit from sharing this wondrous book together.”—Daniel Goleman, author of the #1 bestseller Emotional Intelligence

“I Wonder captures the beauty of life and the mystery of our world, sweeping child and adult into a powerful journey of...
Book cover from RAPID RESULTS Credit Repair Credit Dispute Letter System by John D Harris
Book › Paperback
2019 There has never been a better time in the history of the world to fix your credit. Did you know that 31 States sued the credit bureaus and you won.They say one picture is worth one-thousand words. Well one video must be worth one million words. if you want a quick video of why my publication is the best click on my name “John Harris” directly above. It will take you to my Author page. There is a quick video that explains why I think you should purchase my publication.Look, can I talk...
Book cover from Credit Repair Book: Ex Credit Bureau Manager Reveals Credit Repair Secrets by Mr John D Harris
Book › Paperback
There has never been a better time in the history of the world to fix credit. Due to a recent lawsuit 2019 will be a great year for credit repair.Credit Repair 20192019 Loophole LawsNewest Techniques2019 The Amazing National Consumer Assistance Plan (NCAP) Look, can I talk to you privately for a second. You probably know right now your credit is not very good and you see derogatory items that are yours. Well let me tell you a little secret. When I wrote this publication, I already expected...
Book cover from Making Materials Flow: A Lean Material-Handling Guide for Operations, Production-Control, and Engineering Professionals by Rick Harris
Book › Spiral-bound
Making Materials Flow describes in plain language another step in implementing a complete lean business system.

LEI's first workbook, Learning to See, focused on where to start — at the value stream for each product family within your facilities.

Seeing the Whole then expanded the value stream map beyond facility walls, all the way from raw materials to customer.

After mapping has identified waste and potential applications of flow and pull, you can use the techniques...
Book cover from The Art of John Harris: Beyond the Horizon by John Harris
Book › Hardcover
World-renowned visionary artist John Harris' unique concept paintings capture the Universe on a massive scale, featuring everything from epic landscapes and towering cities to out-of-this-world science fiction vistas. 

This collection focuses on his wide variety of futuristic art, as well as his striking covers for a variety of esteemed SF authors, including Arthur C Clarke, John Scalzi, Ben Bova, Hal Clement, Jack McDevitt, Frederik Pohl, Orson Scott Card's Enders books and many more.
Book cover from The Southern Foodways Alliance Community Cookbook by John Harris
Book › Paperback
Everybody has one in their collection. You know―one of those old, spiral- or plastic-tooth-bound cookbooks sold to support a high school marching band, a church, or the local chapter of the Junior League. These recipe collections reflect, with unimpeachable authenticity, the dishes that define communities: chicken and dumplings, macaroni and cheese, chess pie. When the Southern Foodways Alliance began curating a cookbook, it was to these spiral-bound, sauce-splattered pages that they turned...
Book cover from Healthcare Strategic Planning, Fourth Edition by John M. Harris
Book › Paperback
The US healthcare delivery system is undergoing unprecedented transformation. In response to rapid and profound changes in technology, competition, consumerism, and other areas, healthcare leaders must help their organizations develop and implement effective strategies to survive and thrive. This fourth edition of Healthcare Strategic Planning, edited by John M. Harris (and previously authored by Alan M. Zuckerman), provides core insights into strategic planning practice and theory and shows...
Book cover from San Bernardino Mountain Trails: 100 Hikes in Southern California by John W. Robinson
Book › Paperback
Southern California's highest and most rugged mountains are in the San Bernardino and San Jacinto ranges, in a unique region where desert cactus and pine trees, plus snow-capped peaks and palm oases, are found in close proximity. With the Pacific Crest Trail weaving its way through the mountains and desert, there are endless opportunities to explore Southern California trails.

After more than 40 years in print, San Bernardino Mountain Trails remains the bible for Southern California...
Book cover from Glimpses of Heaven: True Stories of Hope and Peace at the End of Lifes Journey by Trudy RN Harris
Book › Paperback
Drawn from her decades of experience as a hospice nurse, Trudy Harris shares stories that offer an incredible glimpse at what lies beyond this world--ethereal music, colors that did not exist on earth, angels, and loved ones who have gone on before. She has been with hundreds of patients as they took their last breaths and knows the kinds of questions that both the dying and their loved ones ask: What happens when we die? What should I say to a loved one who is dying? How can I make a dying...
Book cover from Small Group and Team Communication, Fifth Edition by Thomas E. Harris;John C. Sherblom
Book › Paperback
Much of contemporary communication occurs between and among small groups, whether in person in a work setting or on the Internet via email, Facebook, or instant messages. How we engage in our small-group communication in each medium matters. To be effective we have to consider our group roles, norms, cohesion, process, and phases of development, as well as our personal verbal and nonverbal communication and listening styles. To succeed as a member of a team, we need to consider the limits of...