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Product picture for Catch-22: 50th Anniversary Edition by Joseph Heller
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Joseph Heller has written 'the war novel that makes all other war novels unnecessary' with Catch-22. It is an absurd book, but also original, bitter, vulgar, witty and moving. The black humor, the absurd logic and the unforgettable characters, such as the bombing director Yossarian and the most popular mess officer Milo Minderbinder, make it an unforgettable book. Joseph Heller himself was an army pilot who flew 60 missions in 1944.

The anti-hero Yossarian, the main character in the...
Book cover from Closing Time: The Sequel to Catch-22 by Joseph Heller
Book › Paperback
A darkly comic and ambitious sequel to the American classic Catch-22. In Closing Time, Joseph Heller returns to the characters of Catch-22, now coming to the end of their lives and the century, as is the entire generation that fought in World War II: Yossarian and Milo Minderbinder, the chaplain, and such newcomers as little Sammy Singer and giant Lew, all linked, in an uneasy peace and old age, fighting not the Germans this time, but The End. Closing Time deftly satirizes the realities and the...
Book cover from Something Happened by Joseph Heller
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Bob Slocum was living the American dream. He had a beautiful wife, three lovely children, a nice house...and all the mistresses he desired. He had it all -- all, that is, but happiness. Slocum was discontent. Inevitably, inexorably, his discontent deteriorated into desolation until...something happened.
Something Happened is Joseph Heller's wonderfully inventive and controversial second novel satirizing business life and American culture. The story is told as if the reader was overhearing...
Book cover from God Knows by Joseph Heller
Book › Paperback
Joseph Heller's powerful, wonderfully funny, deeply moving novel is the story of David -- yes, King David -- but as you've never seen him before. You already know David as the legendary warrior king of Israel, husband of Bathsheba, and father of Solomon; now meet David as he really was: the cocky Jewish kid, the plagiarized poet, and the Jewish father. Listen as David tells his own story, a story both relentlessly ancient and surprisingly modern, about growing up and growing old, about men and...
Book cover from Catch 22 by Joseph Heller
Book › Mass Market Paperback
New Dell edition published November 1976. Cover doesn't match the photo, it's dark red/burgundy with black diagonal lines and text on a slight slant.
Book cover from No Laughing Matter by Joseph Heller
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An uproarious and frank memoir of illness and recovery, No Laughing Matter is a story of friendship and recuperation from the author of the classic Catch-22.

It all began one typical day in the life of Joe Heller. He was jogging four miles at a clip these days, working on his novel God Knows, coping with the complications of an unpleasant divorce, and pigging out once or twice a week on Chinese food with cronies like Mel Brooks, Mario Puzo, and his buddy of more than twenty years, Speed...
Book cover from The Last Apprentice: The Spooks Bestiary: The Guide to Creatures of the Dark (Last Apprentice Short Fiction) by Joseph Delaney
Book › Hardcover
The heavily illustrated stand-alone companion book to the internationally best-selling Last Apprentice series, the series that inspired the forthcoming major motion picture Seventh Son. The Spook's Bestiary is your guidebook to the supernatural, terrifying creatures of the dark: Learn what to do if you must face a boggart, a witch, a dark mage, or even the Fiend himself.

Fill your pockets with salt and iron. Carry a rowan staff and a silver chain. And most importantly, clear your mind...
Book cover from Freud As We Knew Him by Joseph Delaney
Book › Hardcover
This volume brings together for the first time a collection of memoirs, papers, reminiscences, and interpretations of Sigmund Freud as a human being. Many of these papers have been buried in the journals for years and have remained unavailable to the general public. Ernest Jones used some, but certainly not all, of them in his biography of Freud. A great many appeared abroad and have never been translated until now. The volume includes recollections by former students, patients, friends, and...
Book cover from Bodywise: An Introduction to Hellerwork for Regaining Flexibility and Well-Being by Joseph Heller
Book › Paperback
Bodywise is based on Joseph Heller's own brand of deep-tissue bodywork, which makes the connection between life issues and natural bodily alignment, and shows how to restore the body's natural balance. The book teaches readers how to regain control and become a full-time owner of their bodies. Part One explains the way the body works, in everyday life as well as in the structures of consciousness. Part Two takes the reader on a guided tour of the Hellerwork experience.