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Product picture for A People That Shall Dwell Alone: Judaism as a Group Evolutionary Strategy, with Diaspora Peoples by Kevin MacDonald
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This book attempts to understand an ancient people in terms of modern evolutionary biology. A basic idea is that Judaism is a group evolutionary strategy-what one might term an evolutionarily significant way for a group of people to get on in the world. The book documents several theoretically interesting aspects of group evolutionary strategies using Judaism as a case study. These topics include the theory of group evolutionary strategies, the genetic cohesion of Judaism, how Jews managed to...
Book cover from Postmortem Report: Cultural Examinations from Postmodernity by Tomislav Sunic
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Along with his other published works, Tomislav Sunic is steadily turning his attention to a wide variety of topics affecting Europe’s cultural and political heritage, including such sacred and less sacred cows, as liberalism, the artistic legacy of the Third Reich, the religion of multiculturalism, the pathology of Communism, the works of Spengler and Schmitt, as well as the history of a failed multicultural entity known as Yugoslavia. Postmortem Report invites us to reassess the European...
Book cover from Cinnamon Skin (Travis McGee Mysteries) by John D. MacDonald
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When Travis McGee's friend Meyer lent his boat to his niece Norma, and her new husband Even, the boat exploded out in the waters of the Florida Keys. Travis McGee thinks it's no accident, and clues lead him to ponder possibilities of drugs and also to wonder where Evan was when his wife was killed....

"Proves again that MacDonald keeps getting better with each new adventure."


From the Paperback edition.
Audiobook cover from Homo Americanus: A Child of the Postmodern Age by Tomislav Sunic
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The end of the Cold War was accompanied by the triumph of the “American Way of Life,” not to mention the American-led financial system and global order. With Communism and Fascism in the dustbin, few were willing to question the legitimacy of such moral buzzards as “democracy,” “freedom,” “rights,” and “diversity.” 

"Communism was a make-belief system, which, ironically, citizens never really believed in, and which everybody, including Communist party dignitaries,...
Book cover from Waking Up from the American Dream by Gregory Hood
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It's a time of transition for the American Right. The old ideas are failing. The conservative movement is disintegrating. And the European Americans who defined and created the United States are rising in defense of their own identity and interests. Gregory Hood is one of the most eloquent and insightful of the writers defining and promoting this transition. Waking Up from the American Dream, his first book, collects some of his most important work, including the legendary "A White Nationalist...
Book cover from The Revolt Against Civilization: The Menace of the Under-Man by T. Lothrop Stoddard
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In this classic 1922 book, Dr. Lothrop Stoddard examines the point where egalitarian revolutionary movements-particularly the French Revolution and its ultimate offspring in the 20th century, the Bolshevik revolution-intersect with human biodiversity.His thesis is that civilisation imposes increasing intellectual and moral burdens on the less able strata of the population, causing growing frustration, restlessness, and feelings of worthlessness among their members, who, meanwhile and due to...
Book cover from Love of the Last Tycoon & The Crack-up by F. Scott Fitzgerald
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The Love of the Last Tycoon was originally published in 1941 as The Last Tycoon. The novel was inspired by the life of film producer Irving Thalberg, on whom its protagonist Monroe Stahr was based. The story follows Stahr's rise to power in Hollywood, and his conflicts with rival Pat Brady, a fictionalized version of Louis B. Mayer
Book cover from The Occidental Quarterly: Western Perspectives on Man, Culture, and Politics by Kevin MacDonald Ph.D.
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The Fall, 2018 issue of The Occidental Quarterly Volume 18, No. 3, contains five essays and four book reviews. The essays include Kevin MacDonald on European family history and its links to individualism within an evolutionary framework; Richard McCulloch on different conceptualizations of an ethnostate within the borders of the United States; Brian Thorn on women's involvement in conservative politics in Canada in the twentieth century; Guillaume Durocher on Athenian democracy; and Robert...
Book cover from The Great Erasure by Richard Spencer
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The experience of European peoples worldwide can be said to be distinctly post-Apartheid, post-colonial, and post-national. The White man lives in a world his race once dominated and in which Black and Brown are now colonizers, in which European heritage is being taken away piece by piece: cultural heroes, literature, popular icons, identity ultimately, everything. The Great Erasure, the first volume of Radix Journal, explores these themes, with particular emphasis on contemporary South Africa.