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Product picture for The Encyclopedia of Immaturityby Klutz Editors
Book › Hardcover-spiral
The original handbook on How to Never Grow Up, The Encyclopedia of Immaturity contains more than 300 entries, including essential life skills (How to Hang a Spoon from Your Nose and How to Make Your Dog Yawn), secret knowledge (Alien Abduction Dos and Don'ts and The World's Easiest Card Trick) and useful material (The Best Knock-Knock Joke Ever Told and How to Predict Your Height). Because just because you're getting older doesn't mean you have to grow up, and this funny book for boys and girls...
Book cover from The Shrinky Dinks Bookby Editors Of Klutz
Book › Paperback
Shrinky Dinks® is amazing shrinkable plastic. Draw or trace a design on it, color it, cut it out with ordinary scissors, bake it for mere minutes on a cookie sheet in your oven and, presto, your creation shrinks to a third of its original size. What you do with it from there — jewelry, magnets, frame, decoration – is up to your own creative genius. You get six sheets of Shrinky Dinks® plastic in this book, along with a mind-boggling collection of ready-to-trace, ready-to-color,...
Book cover from Crime, Law, and Justiceby Editors Of Klutz
Book › Paperback
Crime, Law, and Justice provides students with a comprehensive introduction to the field of criminal justice and the criminal justice system. Based on both criminological research and theoretical analysis, the anthology addresses the types and extent of crimes, the role of criminal and constitutional law, law enforcement, corrections, probation, and parole. Students will read articles on why people commit crimes, the criminal man, and crime, criminals, and victims in a global context. They...
Book cover from O si Manu a Aliiby Manumaua Luafata Simanu-Klutz
Book › Paperback
'O si Manu a Ali'i is the first comprehensive guide for teachers of Samoan oratory and the Samoan language of respect. It is also an authoritative resource book for students of the language. The author's insightful descriptions of Samoan culture provide the necessary social contexts for learning these important speech registers.Text in Samoan
Book cover from Kids Cooking: A Very Slightly Messy Manualby Manumaua Luafata Simanu-Klutz
Book › Spiral-bound
Over the years, this classic collection of parent-approved recipes has become the favorite cookbook of countless thousands of real kids in real kitchens. It's printed on wipe-clean, glossy pages (on the remote chance that anything gets spilled) and packaged with a set of color-coded measuring spoons.Comes With: set of 4 colored-coded measuring spoons• Create wonderful things • Be good • Have fun
Book cover from Tissue Paper Flowersby Manumaua Luafata Simanu-Klutz
Book › Spiral-bound
Incredibly simple-to-make tissue paper flowers that look good enough to fool bees. This book of super-clear instructions comes with 75 sheets of brilliantly coloured tissue paper, a variety of green pipe cleaners (for stems), and some heavy cardstock templates for those purists who know the difference between a stamen and a sepal and want to add those finishing touches. Enough supplies to make bunches of blooming bouquets, no watering required.
Book cover from Magic in the Biblical World: From the Rod of Aaron to the Ring of Solomon (The Library of New Testament Studies)by Manumaua Luafata Simanu-Klutz
Book › Paperback
The category 'magic' , long used to signify an allegedly substantive type of activity distinguishable from 'religion', has nearly been dismantled by recent historical and social-scientific approaches to religious studies. While recognising and at times reinforcing this stance, the essays in this collection show that there is still much to be learned about the cultural context of early Judaism and Christianity by analysing ancient texts which either use 'magic' as a category for purposes of...
Book cover from Boom! Splat! Kablooey! Book Kit-by The Scientists of Klutz Labs,Scientists of Klutz Labs,Pat (EDT)
Book › Paperback

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Book cover from Klutz Beading (Age 14+ to Adults)by Klutz
Book › Paperback
Beading Super Stylish Bracelets Made Simple You've seen them - gorgeous beaded bracelets worn wrapped or stacked on stylish wrists everywhere. So chic! So cool! So popular! Looking at the finished jewelry (pretty polished professional) you might think these bands are difficult to make. In fact this is our favorite kind of craft project -- simple to do
Book cover from Window Art (Klutz)by Editors of Klutz
Book › Spiral-bound
Window Art (Classic) features tried-and-true, ready-to-trace designs and six bottles of squirt-on, peel-off rainbow colors. Here’s how it works: Pick a design, trace the outline with the black paint, squirt in the colored paint, peel it up, and stick it to a glass window. With Window Art, every room gets a terrific view.Comes With: one 40-ml bottle of black outline paint, five 22-ml bottles of colored paint (violet, turquoise, emerald green, sunny yellow, poppy red), 2 plastic tracing...