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Product picture for Day of the Rangers: The Battle of Mogadishu 25 Years On by Leigh Neville
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On October 3, 1993, Task Force Ranger was dispatched to seize two high-profile lieutenants of a brutal Somali warlord in a mission that was meant to be over within an hour. Instead, they quickly found themselves surrounded and under heavy fire. With two Black Hawk helicopters shot out of the sky, and a hastily organized relief column many hours away, the American troops faced a desperate struggle for survival.

Drawing on recently declassified documents and interviews with veterans...
Audiobook cover from Innovations in Social Work Research: Using Methods Creatively by Leigh Neville
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A valuable reference to help practising researchers not only to understand but also to apply innovative approaches to social work research.

Featuring extended case studies of actual research projects, the book provides an overview of a number of central features and qualities of social work research. It incorporates both distinctive methodological features, such as approaches to participatory inquiry, and provides accounts of researcher strategies to address particular challenges, such...
Book cover from International Students: Strengthening a Critical Resource (American Council on Education Series on Higher Education) by Maureen Andrade
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International students are often taken for granted in higher education institutions in the United States. Many college and university administrators are unaware of the initiatives of other nations to attract international students and of the need to support these students. Higher education journals have not focused much attention on international students. International Students: Strengthening a Critical Resource argues that U.S. institutions of higher education must increase their awareness of...
Book cover from Intelligent Materials by Maureen Andrade
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From the nanoscale to the macroscopic scale, intelligent materials are triggering a response across both dimensions and scientific disciplines... World class, leading experts in the fields of chemistry, physics and engineering have contributed to Intelligent Materials, highlighting the importance of smart material science in the 21st century. In this exceptional text the expertise of specialists across the globe is drawn upon to present a truly interdisciplinary outline of the topic. Covering...
Book cover from The Touch: Poems & Prose by Aurore Leigh Barrett
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Fear Not my dear, Fear not of meFear Not for fear shall not help theeThe time is short, my plans are madeYour casket shall be trimmed with jade. Thus begins Aurore Leigh Barrett's poem, "Fear Not" - an homage to one of her favorite poets, Edgar Allan Poe. It masterfully combines the macabre with the humorous. This stellar work, which Poe, no doubt, would wish he had written, is just one of a few poems in this current collection written in his honor - and one of many poems you will find that...
Book cover from Dark Shadows, Volume 6 (VHS Tape. Starring Jonathan Frid, Joan Bennett, Kathryn Leigh Scott, John Karlen, Nancy Barrett, Alexandra Moltka) by Dan Curtis
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Dark Shadows is a gothic soap opera that originally aired weekdays on the ABC television network, from June 27, 1966 to April 2, 1971. The show was created by Dan Curtis. The story bible, which was written by Art Wallace, does not mention any supernatural elements. It was unprecedented in daytime television when ghosts were introduced about six months after it began. The series became hugely popular when vampire Barnabas Collins (Jonathan Frid) appeared a year into its run. Dark Shadows also...
Book cover from Creepy Series (3 Book Series) by Jeff Bennington
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From Book 1: "Damn! That was fascinating, Jeff. An interesting story, well told. Thanks for sharing." ~ Matthew McNash

The Creepy series is a one of a kind combination of true ghost stories and a variety of short stories with a supernatural twist.

"I was around ten years old when I had my first supernatural experience. Thirty years later, my ghosts have returned and they are creepier than ever. I've seen full-bodied apparations, felt a dark presence practically breathing...
Book cover from Thrilling Science Fiction (April 1975) by Neil Barrett
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Book cover from Perspective: Africa (June 2016) Black/White Edition by Leigh Barrett
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A quarterly humanitarian media journal, focusing on all issues pertaining to Africa. Subjects include mining, environment, Cameroon's development, gender equality, and human rights. Also included are op-eds, satire, and cultural reviews. The journal is available in color, and black and white, and in print or digital editions, with additional content on the Perspective Publications website. Subscriptions available. Advertising is minimal, and ad rates are kept very low. Free advertising for...