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Product picture for The Mind of the Maker by Dorothy L. Sayers
Book › Paperback
This classic, with a new introduction by Madeleine L'Engle, is by turns an entrancing mediation on language; a piercing commentary on the nature of art and why so much of what we read, hear, and see falls short; and a brilliant examination of the fundamental tenets of Christianity. The Mind of the Maker will be relished by those already in love with Dorothy L. Sayers and those who have not yet met her.

A mystery writer, a witty and perceptive theologian, culture critic, and playwright,...
Book cover from Projectile Points and the Illinois Landscape: People, Time, and Place by Robert J. Reber
Book › Hardcover
Projectile Points and the Illinois Landscape: People, Time, and Place, a 300-page hardback volume printed by the Illinois State Archaeological Survey, includes thousands of full-color photos which show-in glorious detail-artifacts from all over Illinois. More than 80 projectile-point, knife, and cache-blade types are profiled-offering physical descriptions and distinguishing characteristics, distributions, ages, and, whenever possible, cultural affiliations. Using the landscape as a base, each...
Book cover from We, the Ordinary People of the Streets (Ressourcement: Retrieval & Renewal in Catholic Thought) (RESSOURCEMENT: RETRIEVAL AND RENEWAL IN CATHOLIC THOUGHT) by Madeleine Delbrel
Book › Paperback
Preface by Hans Urs von Balthasar

One woman’s shining example of Christian social action.

We, the Ordinary People of the Streets contains a series of powerful reflections by Madeleine Delbrêl (1904-1964), an award-winning poet, writer, and Catholic layperson whose conviction and insight led her to a life of social work in the atheistic, Communist-dominated city of Ivry-sur-Seine, France.

In these posthumously published texts, Delbrêl draws from her own experiences...
Book cover from Blind Spots: Why Smart People Do Dumb Things by Madeleine L. Van Hecke
Book › Paperback
A woman planning a dinner party calls a gourmet caterer and learns that "Chateaubriand" can be ordered. To which she responds, "No, thanks. We’re going to take care of the wine ourselves." The dead silence at the end of the phone is her first clue that something is amiss. A CEO attempts to put an end to complaints from employees about the demeaning behavior of certain managers by berating the managers before the staff — thus reinforcing the very behavior he’s trying to correct.

Book cover from Religious Cognition in China: “Homo Religiosus” and the Dragon (New Approaches to the Scientific Study of Religion) by Madeleine L. Van Hecke
Book › Hardcover
Are human tendencies toward religious and spiritual thoughts, feelings, and actions outcomes of “natural” cognition? This volume revisits the “naturalness theory of religious cognition” through discussion of new qualitative and quantitative studies examining the psychological foundations of religious and spiritual expression in historical and contemporary China. Naturalness theory has been challenged on the grounds that little of its supporting developmental and experimental research...
Book cover from Outward Bound USA: Crew Not Passengers by Joshua L Miner
Book › Paperback
The history of its beginnings and ultimate success as a pioneer in outdoor education.
Book cover from The Hoxie Farm Site Main Occupation Area: Late Fisher and Huber Phase Components in South Chicago by Douglas K. Jackson
Book › Paperback
The Hoxie Farm site is located along Thorn Creek in the south suburban Chicago area. The site is large and multicomponent and primarily associate with Upper Mississippian late Fisher and early Huber phases. The Main Occupation Area (MOA) contains the site's densest concentration of features and material (a previous volume detailed the Fortified Village results). Excavations in within the MOA found artifact-rich midden deposits and 1,509 prehistoric features. Notably, the MOA excavations...
Book cover from The Brain Advantage: Become a More Effective Business Leader Using the Latest Brain Research by Madeleine L. Van Hecke
Book › Paperback
This book does for business leaders what few have time to do for themselves. It combines the latest brain research with insights from psychological studies of how people think. It uses powerful stories to convey that information, and presents it in short, readable chapters, each divided into three parts:

• "What’s the story?" reports in concise, digestible terms the science behind how the brain works.
• "Interesting, but so what?" discusses how this research is relevant to...
Book cover from Hot Bubbles and Chocolate by Bobbye L. Hudspeth
Book › Paperback
As if Callie Jones didn’t have enough on her plate with her job as mayor of Early Grove, Alabama (population 840), someone has found out that she has an online dating profile, and soon her love life becomes the hot topic of conversation among her neighbors. Before long everyone in town seems to have gone Internet crazy looking for love, against Callie’s protests that it’s not as great as it seems. Thank goodness Callie has her best friend Sam to turn to in times of crazy. Except that Sam...