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Product picture for We Pointed Them North: Recollections of a Cowpuncher by E. C. Abbott
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E. C. Abbott was a cowboy in the great days of the 1870's and 1880's. He came up the trail to Montana from Texas with the long-horned herds which were to stock the northern ranges; he punched cows in Montana when there wasn't a fence in the territory; and he married a daughter of Granville Stuart, the famous early-day stockman and Montana pioneer. For more than fifty years he was known to cowmen from Texas to Alberta as "Teddy Blue."

This is his story, as told to Helena Huntington...
Book cover from Shotgun Honey Presents: Locked and Loaded (Both Barrels) (Volume 3) by Owen Laukkanen
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25 stories of crime fiction from authors from around the world, both new and established, conjuring up some of the darkest stories involving murder, corruption, and despair. Featuring 25 stories by: “A Boy Like Billy” by Patricia Abbott “Border Crossing” by Michael McGlade “Looking for the Death Trick” by Bracken MacLeod “Maybelle’s Last Stand” by Travis Richardson “Predators” by Marie S. Crosswell “Twenty to Life” by Frank Byrns “So Much Love” by Keith Rawson...
Book cover from Learning Drupal 8 by Nick Abbott
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Create complex websites quickly and easily using the building blocks of Drupal 8, the most powerful version of Drupal yetAbout This BookBuild complete, complex websites with no prior knowledge of web development entirely using the intuitive Drupal user interfaceFollow a practical case study chapter-by-chapter to construct a complete website as you progressEnsure your sites are modern, responsive and mobile-friendly through utilizing the full features available in Drupal 8Who This Book Is...
Book cover from We Pointed Them North: Recollections of a Cowpuncher by E. C. Abbott ("Teddy Blue")
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E. C. "Teddy Blue" Abbott's account of cowboy life on the cattle drives from Texas to Montana in the 1870's and 1880's. Abbott's story, as told to Helena Huntington Smith, is an honest, humorous and down-to-earth depiction of the cowpuncher's world.
Book cover from Family Support: Prevention, Early Intervention and Early Help (Social Work in Theory and Practice) by Nick Frost
Book › Hardcover
Family Support introduces and explores the state of the art in preventative social work with children and young people. Drawing on contemporary thinking and research, the book aims to make a contribution to current debates about how we can best support families in need.

Underpinning the book is an analysis of how family support is changing, having moved from ‘prevention’ through to contemporary debates about ‘family support’, ‘early intervention’ and ‘early help’. The...
Book cover from City Of The Dead by Tony Abbott
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Derek Stone just turned fourteen. He's lived in the heart of New Orleans with his dad and older brother, Ronny, his whole life. He's a little overweight. He can't hear well out of his left ear. Oh, and he's on the run from the dead. Derek never imagined that the dead could be anything but dead. But there's no denying it. They're back - and they're after him. He just doesn't know why. And he doesn't have long to figure it out.
Audiobook cover from Bayou Dogs (The Haunting of Derek Stone Series) by Tony Abbott
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Derek's brother Ronny isn't himself. No, really. Ronny's body has been taken over by the long-dead soul of a man named Virgil Black. Lucky for him, Virgil is one of the good guys. Not all of them are. In fact, a Legion of evil souls is staging a serious comeback. And they're staging it at Bayou Malpierre, the site of Derek's most horrible nightmare. That nightmare is about to get even worse. . . .
Audiobook cover from Through a Catholic Lens: Religious Perspectives of 19 Film Directors from Around the World (Communication, Culture, and Religion) by Tony Abbott
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Movies are often examined for subtext and dramatizations of social and psychological issues as well as current movements. Studies of well-known Catholic directors, such as Alfred Hitchcock and John Ford, have made the search for Catholic themes a reputable field of examination. Through a Catholic Lens continues the search for these themes and examines the Catholic undercurrents by studying nineteen film directors from around the world. Although these directors may or may not be practicing...
Book cover from Nothing but plays (1999 Basketball Sense Paperback Edition) by Nick Abbott
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Book cover from Basketball Sense Digest: Volume I by Nick Abbott
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The information in this book is a compilation of the first three years of Basketball Sense, a monthly newsletter designed for the benefit of basketball coaches of all levels