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The Missionaries is a story of the collision of three cultures. A brilliant tale of ineptitude, self-righteousness, and human folly, it combines the mordant wit of W. Somerset Maugham with a sense of humor reminiscent of P.G. Wodehouse.

When Dr. Sydney Prout is named the head of the United Nations mission to Elephant Island, he believes he is more than ready to meet the challenge of guiding its primitive inhabitants into the post-Colonial era, and eventually, full independence. But...
Book cover from The Promethean by Owen Stanley
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The Promethean is an amazingly funny novel exposing the utter insanity of modern academia and the world of technology. An extraordinary tale of ambition, social justice, and human folly, it combines the mordant wit of W. Somerset Maugham with a sense of humor reminiscent of P.G. Wodehouse.

When American billionaire Henry Hockenheimer discovers that conquering the corporate world is no longer enough for him on the eve of his 40th birthday, he decides to leave his mark on the world...
Book cover from Out of the Revolution: The Development of Africana Studies by Owen Stanley
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The introduction of 'Black' studies programs into institutions of higher education was a direct response to the mandate for change at all levels that characterized the civil rights movement and the social rebellions of the 1950s and 1960s. In Out of the Revolution, Delores P. Aldridge and Carlene Young collect thirty-one of the nation's top scholars to provide a complete reference for understanding the impetus for, the development of, and future considerations for the discipline of 'Africana'...
Book cover from Graphic Classics: Ambrose Bierce, 2nd Edition (Graphic Classics, Vol. 6) by Ambrose Bierce
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Graphic Classics: Ambrose Bierce is revised, with 70 new pages, including new comics adaptations of "Moxon's Master", "The Damned Thing" and "The Monk and the Hangman's Daughter". Returning from the first edition are "The Stranger" and four other tales, plus a collection of 20 short fables illustrated by Dan O'Neill, Shary Flenniken, Florence Cestac, Johnny Ryan and more great artists. With a stunning cover illustration by Steven Cerio.
Book cover from Classified: Aphotic Realm Magazine #3 (Volume 3) by Aphotic Realm
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Clandestine Government experiment escapes. Special candidates locked away for genetic experimentation, breeding, and imprisonment. Aphotic Realm, home of the strange and sinister, brings you CLASSIFIED, a collection of TOP-SECRET stories about conspiracies, aliens, and other horrors. Containing thirteen stories, two interviews and an artist showcase, this magazine is 98 full-color 8.5" x 11" pages packed for your reading pleasure. STORIES: THE ELGIN INCIDENT by Owen Morgan SHMOO by Kelly Gould...
Book cover from Papua New Guinea History and Culture: Travel and Tourism by Stanley Owen
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Papua New Guinea History and Culture. Travel and Tourism. People, Tradition and Lifestyle. A Book on Papa New Guinea. Despite the penetration of the contemporary economy and media and the effects thereof on traditional cultural life, Papua New Guinea retains a rich variety of village cultures. These are expressed in the ways the country’s landscapes have been shaped over generations and in its people’s wood carving, storytelling, song, dance, and body decoration. Carvings from the Sepik,...
Book cover from Religion and the Death Penalty: A Call for Reckoning by Stanley Owen
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Foreword by Jean Bethke Elshtain

This important book is sure to foster informed public discussion about the death penalty by deepening readers' understanding of how religious beliefs and perspectives shape thiscontentious issue. Featuring a fair, balanced appraisal of its topic, Religion and the Death Penalty brings thoughtful religious reflection to bear on current challenges facing thecapital justice system.

One look at the list of contributors reveals the significance of this...
Book cover from Energy and Conflict: The Life and Times of Edward Teller by Stanley A. & Owens, Gwinn Blumberg
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Energy and Conflict: The Life and Times of Edward Teller, by Blumberg, Stanley A. and Gwinn Owens
Book cover from Brasseys Infantry Weapons of the World 1950 - 1975 by Stanley A. & Owens, Gwinn Blumberg
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The technology behind the weapons with which an army trains and fights becomes more complex every year. Likewise the capability of the weapons available improves. This is particularly true of the infantry and is the reason why Brassey's - established as a defence Annual as long ago as 1886 - has decided to produce this completely new reference book on Infantry Weapons. Our aim is simply to provide readable and well-illustrated description of as many of the world's infantry weapons as...
Book cover from Curiosities #1 Winter 2017 (Volume 1) by Kevin Frost
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Nine stores of steam and dread from the Gallery of Curiosities vaults, selected for the waning months of the year. Witness the mayhem of a full contact mechanized walker races; hear a witch-child's recollection of the Red Revolution; tour a quiet village which carefully cares for its restless dead; meet a society of strange women operating under the auspices of the Crown, and more. Adventures from times that never were await you inside this first collection of stories.

Curiosities is...