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Product picture for Under the Water by Paul Pen
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What does the perfect family have to fear most? The perfect stranger.

From the outside, Frank and Grace seem to have the perfect family. He’s a loving husband, she’s a devoted wife, and together they have two happy children. But appearances can be deceiving. A strange series of misfortunes has left them reeling: an unexplained break-in, a catastrophic handgun accident, and a bizarre poisoning that’s left Grace feeling especially unnerved. Packing up their RV for a move across the...
Book cover from The Light of the Fireflies by Paul Pen
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From bestselling Spanish author Paul Pen comes a haunting and hopeful tale of discovering light in even the darkest of places.

For his whole life, the boy has lived underground, in a basement with his parents, grandmother, sister, and brother. Before he was born, his family was disfigured by a fire. His sister wears a white mask to cover her burns.

He spends his hours with his cactus, reading his book on insects, or touching the one ray of sunlight that filters in through a crack...
Book cover from From Stray Dog to World War I Hero: The Paris Terrier Who Joined the First Division by Grant Hayter-Menzies
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On the streets of Paris one day in July 1918, an American doughboy, Sgt. Jimmy Donovan, befriended a stray dog that he named Rags. No longer an unwanted street mutt, Rags became the mascot to the entire First Division of the American Expeditionary Force and a friend to the American troops who had crossed the Atlantic to fight. Rags was more than a scruffy face and a wagging tail, however. The little terrier mix was with the division at the crucial battle of Soissons, at the Saint-Mihiel...
Book cover from Desert Flowers by Paul Pen
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Rose and Elmer have created an idyllic sanctuary for themselves and their five daughters in Mexico’s Baja California desert. Out there in the middle of nowhere, blissfully cut off from the burdens of modern society, they’re free to raise their beautiful family…and preserve its secret.

And they’re never giving it up.

Then a young hiker named Rick comes looking for a place to stay. It’s just for the night, he says—but long enough for Rose and Elmer to fear they’ve made...
Book cover from La casa entre los cactus by Paul Pen
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Barcelona. 23 cm. 357 p. Encuadernación en tapa blanda de editorial ilustrada. Pen, Paul 1979-. Novelas de intriga .. Este libro es de segunda mano y tiene o puede tener marcas y señales de su anterior propietario. ISBN: 978-84-01-01921-0
Book cover from Not Comin Home to you by Paul (pen name used by Lawrence Block.) Kavanagh
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Book cover from Glühwürmchen, glüh (German Edition) by Paul Pen
Book › Paperback
Er ist zehn Jahre alt und lebt im Keller. Ein Brand hat seine Familie entstellt. Seit seine Schwester ein Baby bekommen hat, verhalten sich alle besonders merkwürdig. Und was hat es mit dem »Grillen-Mann« auf sich, der nachts auf ihn lauert?

Die einzigen Lichtblicke des Jungen sind ein winziger, durch das Kellerfenster einfallender Sonnenstrahl und ein paar Glühwürmchen, die er im Glas hält. Ihr Leuchten gibt ihm die Kraft das düstere Leben zu ertragen und von einer besseren...