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Product picture for The Fed-up Cow by Peta Lemon
Book › Paperback
“Simply brilliant & very cleverly written”
“Absolutely hilariously funny and brilliantly illustrated with a subtle message at the end”
“An amazing children's book” “Fantastically clever story with a moral for every one of us”
“Fabulously funny!”
“Bright, colourful, funny and brilliant”
“Adults will have fun, too, reading this out loud!”
“Really clever, well written, and hilarious”.

Hilda is FED-UP with being a cow. Spending all day...
Book cover from Timmy on the Toilet by Peta Lemon
Book › Paperback
"This book is a sheer delight"
"Easy to read and guaranteed to laugh!"
"So funny & imaginative. my children loved it!"
"An absolutely brilliant children’s book"
"Wonderfully entertaining book"

Timmy is walking to school one day and saves a fairy in distress. He is granted a wish but accidentally wishes that he could fly whilst sitting on the toilet at school.

Join Timmy on his adventures flying on the toilet and find out what happens when the fairy grants him...
Book cover from The Bins of Cotteridge Down by Peta Lemon
Book › Paperback
"A sensational book for children"
"Sheer genius"
"Wonderful story"

In a corner of England lies an old town.
A curious place – it’s called Cotteridge Down.
Cotteridge Down was not at all clean.
But the smelliest, filthiest place ever seen.
Festering rubbish was left on the ground.
Filthy old carpets and boots lay around.
The smell was revolting! Too much too bear.
Even the rats packed and left in despair.
Fed-up and cross...