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Product picture for The Bell Curve: Intelligence and Class Structure in American Life (A Free Press Paperbacks Book) by Richard J. Herrnstein
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The controversial book linking intelligence to class and race in modern society, and what public policy can do to mitigate socioeconomic differences in IQ, birth rate, crime, fertility, welfare, and poverty.
Book cover from A Source Book in the History of Psychology (Source Books in the History of the Sciences) by James Q. Wilson
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This is a source book unique in its scope, clarity, and general interest. Its 116 excerpts range in time from Epicurus (ca. 300 B.C.) to the turn of the present century and sometimes, when continuity requires, a little beyond (as to K. S. Lashley, 1929). It includes excerpts from Kepler (1604) on the inverted retinal image, Descartes (1650) on the soul's interaction with the machine of the body, Newton (1675) on the seven colors of the spectrum, Locke (1700) on association of ideas, Whytt...
Book cover from Crime and Human Nature by Wilson, James Q., Herrnstein, Richard J.(August 1, 1985) Hardcover by James Q., Herrnstein, Richard J. Wilson
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Book cover from The Matching Law: Papers in Psychology and Economics by Richard J. Herrnstein
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This impressive collection features Richard Herrnstein's most important and original contributions to the social and behavioral sciences--his papers on choice behavior in animals and humans and on his discovery and elucidation of a general principle of choice called the matching law.

In recent years, the most popular theory of choice behavior has been rational choice theory. Developed and elaborated by economists over the past hundred years, it claims that individuals make choices in...
Book cover from Odyssey a Curriculum for Thinking Foundations of Reasoning by Jorge Dominguez
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"Odyssey is designed to enhance thinking ability in ways that will have long-term effects. The focus, therefore, is on skills that apply to a variety of contexts or that facilitate the acquisition of other more content-specific skills."
Book cover from Computational and Clinical Approaches to Pattern Recognition and Concept Formation: Quantitative Analyses of Behavior, Volume IX (Quantitative Analyses of Behavior Series) by Jorge Dominguez
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The ninth volume in this highly acclaimed series discusses the computational and clinical approaches to pattern recognition and concept formation regarding: visual and spatial processing models; computational models, templates and hierarchical models. An ideal reference for students and professionals in experimental psychology and behavioral analysis.
Book cover from Matching and Maximizing Accounts (Quantitative Analyses of Behavior Volume II) by Michael L. Commons
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