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Author(s): Ryu Murakami
Format: Book › Paperback all formats
Published: 03-27-2007
ISBN: 014303863X
Pages: 192
Publisher: Penguin Books
List Price: $14.00

BooksToRead Review

Ryu Murakami (note, this is not the still more famous Japanese novelist Haruki Murakami,) is a Japanese author who has several novels to his name but who also wrote a genuine horror novel with the infamous Piercing. To quote an English critic: This novel isn't "boo" scary; It's more like "set your teeth on edge for days and make you never want to be close to anyone for the rest of your life" scary.

The main character of the story is overwhelmed by an urge to pierce the flesh of his newborn child. He realizes, however, that he can't really do that. So he decides it might be a better strategy to catch himself a prostitute and try out his obsessions on her ... A chilling book that is highly recommended for fans of horror that like to get something more from their favorite genre.

Book description

*One of Literary Hub's "Ten Works of Literary Horror You Should Read (Even if You Don't Think You Like Horror)"*

A pulsating psycho-thriller from Ryu Murakami, author of In the Miso Soup

A renaissance man for the postmodern age, Ryu Murakami—a musician, filmmaker (Tokyo Decadence), TV personality, and award-winning author—has gained a cult following in the West. His first novel, Almost Transparent Blue, won Japan’s most coveted literary prize and sold over a million copies, and his most recent psychosexual thriller, In the Miso Soup, gave readers a further taste of his incredibly agile imagination. In Piercing, Murakami, in his own unique style, explores themes of child abuse and what happens to the voiceless among us, weaving a disturbing, spare tale of two people who find each other and then are forced into hurting each other deeply because of the haunting specter of their own abuse as children.

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