Book cover from War and Peace (Vintage Classics) by Leo Tolstoy
Book cover 'War and Peace (Vintage Classics)'

War and Peace (Vintage Classics)

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Author(s): Leo Tolstoy
Format: Book › Paperback all formats
Edition: Reprint
Published: 12-02-2008
ISBN: 1400079985
Pages: 1296
Publisher: Vintage
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BooksToRead Review

War and Peace by Russian author Leo Tolstoy is not only one of the greatest classics in literature, it is also a book about war. About the invasion of Russia by Napoleon in 1812, to be more precise. War and Peace is an attempt by Leo Tolstoy to describe that war in a historically correct way, including lifelike descriptions of the various battles of this war. Tolstoy himself had been a soldier in the Crimean War, so it is no surprise he could describe the war with Napoleon in a very realistic way.

War and peace is a monumental work of fiction, more than a thousand pages long, describing the war of Russia against Napoleon France (1805-1814) by following the lives of five different Russian families. The story alternates between the daily lives of members of the five families and detailed descriptions of battles, which Tolstoy attempts to describe as accurately as possible. A very different kind of book than Tolstoys equally famous novel Anna Karenina.

Book description

From the award-winning translators of Anna Karenina and The Brothers Karamazov comes this magnificent new translation of Tolstoy's masterwork.

Nominated as one of America’s best-loved novels by PBS’s The Great American Read

War and Peace broadly focuses on Napoleon’s invasion of Russia in 1812 and follows three of the most well-known characters in literature: Pierre Bezukhov, the illegitimate son of a count who is fighting for his inheritance and yearning for spiritual fulfillment; Prince Andrei Bolkonsky, who leaves his family behind to fight in the war against Napoleon; and Natasha Rostov, the beautiful young daughter of a nobleman who intrigues both men.

A s Napoleon’s army invades, Tolstoy brilliantly follows characters from diverse backgrounds—peasants and nobility, civilians and soldiers—as they struggle with the problems unique to their era, their history, and their culture. And as the novel progresses, these characters transcend their specificity, becoming some of the most moving—and human—figures in world literature.

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