Book cover from Go to Sleep, Maddie! by Maureen Wright
Book cover 'Go to Sleep, Maddie!'

Go to Sleep, Maddie!

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Author(s): Maureen Wright
Format: Book › Hardcover all formats
Published: 05-12-2015
ISBN: 9781477826270
Pages: 24
Publisher: Two Lions
List Price: $16.99
This book is listed in: ›› Animals ›› Sleep

Book description

Maddie does not want to go to sleep. First she needs something to drink, to read a story…or three, and to check for monsters under the bed. When her parents finally say good night, she hears a noise: Quackers! Quackers!

Luckily, it’s just her toy duck, who needs some crackers. Maddie quickly tries to get him to go to sleep. But she soon discovers that may not be as easy as she thinks. And he isn’t the only one of her toys who might not quite be ready for bedtime…

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