Book cover from Super Mario Encyclopedia Limited Edition by Nintendo
Book cover 'Super Mario Encyclopedia Limited Edition'

Super Mario Encyclopedia Limited Edition

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Author(s): Nintendo
Format: Book › Hardcover all formats
Published: 10-23-2018
ISBN: 1506708072
Pages: 256
Publisher: Dark Horse Books
List Price: $79.99

Book description


This limited edition comes with an embossed slipcase specially designed to look like the iconic Super Mario Question Mark Block! Inside, you'll find one of four covers--Super Mushroom, Fire Flower, Super Star, or 1-Up Mushroom--each accentuated with shimmering holofoil! The book also includes a ribbon bookmark, printed with the original beanstalk design from Super Mario Bros., and a sky-and-cloud design printed along the pages' edge.

  *  Buyers will receive one of four covers, chosen randomly (Super Mushroom, Fire Flower, Super Star, or 1-Up Mushroom), each in the "Question Mark Block" slipcase.
  *  Specific cover image cannot be requested or guaranteed.
  *  Each cover variant is printed in equal quantities.<

Super Mario Encyclopediais jam-packed with content from all seventeen Super Mario games--from the original Super Mario Bros. to Super Mario 3D World. Track the evolution of the Goomba, witness the introduction of Yoshi, and relive your favorite levels. This tome also contains an interview with producer Takashi Tezuka, tips to help you find every coin, star, sun, and mushroom--even explanations of glitches! With information on enemies, items, obstacles, and worlds from over thirty years of Mario, Super Mario Encyclopedia is the definitive resource for everything Super Mario!

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