Book cover from Hot Bubbles and Chocolate by Bobbye L. Hudspeth
Book cover 'Hot Bubbles and Chocolate'

Hot Bubbles and Chocolate

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Format: Book › Paperback all formats
ISBN: 152037836X
Pages: 242
Publisher: Independently published
List Price: $11.99
This book is listed in: ›› Humorous ›› Literature

Book description

As if Callie Jones didn’t have enough on her plate with her job as mayor of Early Grove, Alabama (population 840), someone has found out that she has an online dating profile, and soon her love life becomes the hot topic of conversation among her neighbors. Before long everyone in town seems to have gone Internet crazy looking for love, against Callie’s protests that it’s not as great as it seems. Thank goodness Callie has her best friend Sam to turn to in times of crazy. Except that Sam has a secret that he’s not sharing. He hasn’t learned yet that you can’t keep a secret in a small town forever, especially a Southern one. The only person who seems to be listening to her these days is her dog, Petunia, so Callie decides her only recourse is to drown her sorrows in a tub of bubbles while she dips into her dwindling stash of chocolate. Luckily it’s a very big stash.

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