Book cover from Perspective: Africa (March 2016) Black/white edition by Leigh Barrett
Book cover 'Perspective: Africa (March 2016) Black/white edition'

Perspective: Africa (March 2016) Black/white edition

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ISBN: 1539154939
Pages: 130
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Book description

A quarterly humanitarian media journal, focusing on all issues pertaining to Africa. Subjects include mining, environment, Marikana, Darfur slaves, human rights, and more. Photojournalism by world renowned photographers. Also included are op-eds, satire, and cultural reviews. The journal is available in color, and black and white print editions, as well as a Kindle digital edition, with additional content on the Perspective Publications website. Advertising is minimal, and ad rates are kept very low. Free advertorial space is available for non-profits working in Africa.

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