Book cover from Drupal 8 Development Cookbook by Matt Glaman
Book cover 'Drupal 8 Development Cookbook'

Drupal 8 Development Cookbook

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Author(s): Matt Glaman
Format: Book › Paperback all formats
Published: 03-08-2016
ISBN: 1785881477
Pages: 220
Publisher: Packt Publishing - ebooks Account
List Price: $49.99

Book description

Key Features

  • Discover the enhanced content authoring experience that comes with Drupal 8 and how to customize it
  • Take advantage of the broadened multilingual and tools of the new version to provide an internationalized website
  • This step-by-step guide will show you how to deploy from development, staging, and production of a website with Drupal 8's brand new configuration management system

Book Description

Began as a message board, Drupal today is open source software maintained and developed by a community of over 1,000,000 users and developers. Drupal is used by numerous local businesses to global corporations and diverse organizations all across the globe. With Drupal 8’s recent release and the exciting features it brings, this book will be your go-to guide to experimenting with all of these features through helpful recipes.

We’ll start by showing you how to customize and configure the Drupal environment as per your requirements, as well as how to install third-party libraries and then use them in the Drupal environment. Then we will move on to creating blocks and custom modules with the help of libraries. We will show you to use the latest mobile-first feature of Drupal 8, which will help you make your apps responsive across all the major platforms. This book will also show you how to incorporate multilingual facilities in your sites, use web services and third-party plugins with your applications from inside Drupal 8, and test and deploy your apps

What you will learn

  • Extend Drupal through contributed or custom modules and themes
  • Develop an internationalized website with Drupal's multilingual tools
  • Integrate third-party front-end and back-end libraries with Drupal
  • Turn Drupal into a web services provider using REST
  • Create a mobile-first responsive Drupal application
  • Run SimpleTest and PHPUnit to test Drupal
  • Understand the plugin system that powers many of Drupal 8's new APIs to extend its functionality
  • Get to grips with the mechanics of the configuration management system and the ability to import and export site configuration

About the Author

Matt Glaman is a developer at Commerce Guys. He is an open source developer who has been working with Drupal since 2013. He has also been developing web apps for many years prior to this. Since then, he has contributed to over 60 community projects, including being a co-maintainer of Drupal Commerce. While mostly focusing on Drupal and PHP development, he created, an AngularJS application, to provide Kanban boards for the Drupal community to collaborate with.

Table of Contents

  1. Up and Running with Drupal 8
  2. The Content Authoring Experience
  3. Displaying Content through Views
  4. Extending Drupal
  5. Frontend for the Win
  6. Creating Forms with the Form API
  7. Plug and Play with Plugins
  8. Multilingual and Internationalization
  9. Configuration Management – Deploying in Drupal 8
  10. The Entity API
  11. Off the Drupalicon Island
  12. Web Services
  13. The Drupal CLI

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