Book cover from Enoch Was Right: Rivers of Blood 50 Years On by Raheem Kassam
Book cover 'Enoch Was Right: 'Rivers of Blood' 50 Years On'

Enoch Was Right: 'Rivers of Blood' 50 Years On

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Author(s): Raheem Kassam
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ISBN: 1980818827
Pages: 287
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Book description

"Fifty years on from the most dramatic post-war speech in Britain, this updated view is a VERY important part of the continuing debate. Enoch never goes away." -- Nigel Farage MEP Enoch Was Right is an explosive new take on a speech that changed the nature of the debate surrounding immigration into the Western world for decades to come. Written by British author Raheem Kassam, himself of Indian-Muslim extraction, the book accuses the political establishment of being complicit in misrepresenting Enoch Powell, or too intellectually lacking to understand and convey the nuances of Powell's speech, instead rejecting it as a "racist" or "fascist" turn. With an exclusive interview on the subject with Brexit leader Nigel Farage, Kassam analyses in depth the changing nature of UK demographics, crime statistics, integration, the race relations industry, and more. More often than not, Kassam finds that "Enoch was right" in his predictions for the future of the United Kingdom. Kassam is the author of the bestselling No Go Zones: How Shariah Law is Coming to a Neighborhood Near You.

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