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Discover our top ten of books about Drupal, one of the leading CMS solutions for your website Today.

A mix of books aimed at beginners starting to use Drupal 8, and more advanced users and programmers who want to expand their knowledge of Drupal 8.

top 10 of best books about Drupal 8
Book cover from Drupal 8 Explained: Your Step-by-Step Guide to Drupal 8 by Stephen Burge

1 Drupal 8 Explained

Using Drupal 8 Explained, you can master Drupal 8 by using step-by-step examples.

Drupal 8 is an amazingly powerful system, but many newcomers can find it confusing. We wrote this book to make Drupal 8 as simple and straight-forward as possible. Drupal 8 Explained is for people who want a fun and clear introduction to Drupal and requires absolutely no experience with Drupal, content management, site construction, programming, scripting, or even HTML. Readers will discover what Drupal does and how it works. They will install Drupal 8, master site administration, simplify site creation via workflows, create highly-usable navigation, and much more. You'll see how to quickly change site designs with themes. You'll learn to find, choose, install, and use modules. You'll create advanced layouts with Display Suite and Panels. You'll customize user access, plus update and back up your site. You will become a confident Drupal 8 user.

Please note: This is book is 100% aimed at Drupal beginners. Drupal 8 Explained contains very little code, and that is absolutely deliberate. If you want to learn how to create themes or code modules, there are other books for you.

Book cover from Drupal 8 Development Cookbook by Matt Glaman

2 Drupal 8 Development Cookbook

Discover the enhanced content authoring experience that comes with Drupal 8 and how to customize it.
Take advantage of the broadened multilingual and tools of the new version to provide an internationalized website.
This step-by-step guide will show you how to deploy from development, staging, and production of a website with Drupal 8's brand new configuration management system.

Began as a message board, Drupal today is open source software maintained and developed by a community of over 1,000,000 users and developers. Drupal is used by numerous local businesses to global corporations and diverse organizations all across the globe. With Drupal 8's recent release and the exciting features it brings, this book will be your go-to guide to experimenting with all of these features through helpful recipes.

We'll start by showing you how to customize and configure the Drupal environment as per your requirements, as well as how to install third-party libraries and then use them in the Drupal environment. Then we will move on to creating blocks and custom modules with the help of libraries. We will show you to use the latest mobile-first feature of Drupal 8, which will help you make your apps responsive across all the major platforms. This book will also show you how to incorporate multilingual facilities in your sites, use web services and third-party plugins with your applications from inside Drupal 8, and test and deploy your apps.

Book cover from Drupal 8 Theming with Twig by Chaz Chumley

3 Drupal 8 Theming with Twig

Master Drupal 8's new Twig templating engine to create fun and fast websites with simple steps to help you move from concept to completion. Create beautiful responsive Drupal 8 websites using Twig. Quickly master theme administration, custom block layouts, views, and the Twig template structure. A step-by-step guide to the most common approaches in web design.

This book is intended for front-end developers, designers, and anyone who is generally interested in learning all the new features of Drupal 8 theming. Discover what has changed from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8 and immerse yourself in the new Twig PHP templating engine.

Drupal 8 is an open source content management system and powerful framework that helps deliver great websites to individuals and organizations, including non-profits, commercial, and government around the globe. This new release has been built on top of object-oriented PHP and includes more than a handful of improvements such as a better user experience, cleaner HTML5 markup, a new templating engine called Twig, multilingual capabilities, new configuration management, and effortless content authoring. Drupal 8 will quickly become the new standard for deploying content to both the web and mobile applications. However, with so many new changes, it can quickly become overwhelming knowing where to start and how to quickly.

Starting from the bottom up, we will install, set up, and configure Drupal 8. We'll navigate the Admin interface so you can learn how to work with core themes and create new custom block layouts. Walk through a real-world project to create a Twig theme from concept to completion while adopting best practices to implement CSS frameworks and JavaScript libraries. We will see just how quick and easy it is to create beautiful, responsive Drupal 8 websites while avoiding the common mistakes that many front-end developers make.

Book cover from Enterprise Drupal 8 Development: For Advanced Projects and Large Development Teams by Todd Tomlinson

4 Enterprise Drupal 8 Development

Successfully architect a Drupal 8 website that scales to meet project requirements of any size and scope.

Starting with a one-chapter review of Drupal basics, you'll dive into deeper topics including software development processes, architecting a Drupal site, scaling Drupal, working effectively with themes, and more. In addition to a thorough discussion of custom module development and how to develop modules as building blocks, you'll also review many common ways of integrating Drupal with other 3rd party systems.

Building and maintaining an enterprise-ready Drupal website presents a unique set of challenges and complexities. From development processes and content management to deployments, version control and more, all aspects of Drupal development are impacted when two or more developers are on a project. If you are involved in a Drupal project that requires frequent updates and long-term support from a team of developers, system administrators, and end-users, Enterprise Drupal 8 Development is for you. Whether you're an experienced Drupal developer looking to expand your skills, a systems administrator managing a Drupal project, or a PHP developer new to Drupal, Enterprise Drupal 8 Development will give you the knowledge and inspiration you need to manage large and complex projects.

The primary audience is intermediate to advanced Drupal developers who are working on large-scale Drupal projects and advanced PHP developers new to Drupal.

Book cover from Using Drupal: Choosing and Configuring Modules to Build Dynamic Websites by Stéphane Corlosquet

5 Using Drupal

Take advantage of Drupal's vast collection of community-contributed modules and discover how they make this web framework unique and valuable. With this guide, you'll learn how to combine modules in interesting ways (with minimal code-wrangling) to develop several community-driven websites.The third edition focuses on Drupal 8, the latest version of this open source system. Each project spans an entire chapter, with step-by-step "recipes" to help you build out the precise functionality the site requires. With this book, developers new to Drupal will gain experience through a hands-on introduction, and experienced Drupal developers will learn real-world best practices.
Book cover from Drupal 8 SEO: The Visual, Step-By-Step Guide to Drupal Search Engine Optimization by Ben Finklea

6 Drupal 8 SEO

Drupal 8 is great for SEO.... if you know which modules to install and exactly how to configure them. That's where Drupal 8 SEO comes in. With over 150 images to guide you every step of the way, this book delivers the knowledge you need to get your site listed and ranking high in the search engines. Learn how to Search Engine Optimize your Drupal 8 website with this visual, step-by-step guide. Get the exact modules, settings, and configurations your site needs to get the best possible rankings in Google and other search engines. Drupal 8 SEO is a brand new offering from Ben Finklea that will teach marketers and developers what's needed to make Drupal 8 deliver perfectly optimized web pages. Generate traffic, leads, and revenue like never before with Drupal. Created to accompany the Drupal 8 SEO Checklist module, this book takes you through the exact steps that Ben has used for years to get top results for both national brands and small companies. It explains the SEO process created by the experts at Drupal SEO agency, Volacci, and how it can be used by any organization large or small to grow traffic, leads, and revenues.

Heavy on how-to and light on long explanations, this book is for the marketer or site owner who wants to hit the ground running without a lot of reading or time spent learning SEO basics. With over 150 images to guide you every step of the way, Drupal 8 SEO delivers the knowledge you need to get your site listed and ranking high in the search engines.

Book cover from Mastering Drupal 8 by Chaz Chumley

7 Mastering Drupal 8

The most up-to-date advanced practical guide on Drupal 8 with an in-depth look at all the advanced new features such as authoring, HTML markup, built-in web services, and more. If you are looking to dive deep into Drupal 8 and create industry-standard web apps, then this is the ideal book for you. All the code and examples are explained in great detail to help you in the development process.

Drupal is a very popular open source content management framework that has taken the awesomeness of developing websites to new heights and has set a new standard for ease of use, while offering innumerable ways to deploy your content to the web. With a load of new features and improvements introduced into the Drupal core, developers like you are left thirsty for knowledge on how to make the best of all these goodies.

This step-by-step, comprehensive guide is here to quench that thirst and take you through the concepts that you never knew about advanced site building, Twig theming, and extending Drupal's functionality using the Drupal 8 API to develop custom modules.

The book kicks off with a touch on some essentials such as using Pantheon to spin up an installation. From there, you will learn how to administer your Drupal installation, how to configure your site, and how to manage users, roles, and permissions effectively. The book will empower you by showing how you can leverage the built-in web services, use the latest authoring features, create amazing markup with HTML5, and create industry-standard, professional-grade websites.

You will then explore RESTful services to develop headless applications and learn how to translate content using the new multilingual functionality. You'll see how to use configuration management to minimize importing and exporting configurations, and finally migrate content from one environment to another seamlessly.

This book will give you all the weapons you need to handle and overcome any problems you might be faced with so you can ultimately become the Drupal 'Ninja' in your organization!

Book cover from Learning Drupal 8 by Nick Abbott

8 Learning Drupal 8

Create complex websites quickly and easily using the building blocks of Drupal 8, the most powerful version of Drupal yet. Build complete, complex websites with no prior knowledge of web development entirely using the intuitive Drupal user interface. Follow a practical case study chapter-by-chapter to construct a complete website as you progress. Ensure your sites are modern, responsive and mobile-friendly through utilizing the full features available in Drupal 8.

Drupal 8 sets a new standard for ease of use, while offering countless new ways to tailor and deploy your content to the Web. Drupal 8 allows user to easily customize data structures, listings, and pages, and take advantage of new capabilities for displaying data on mobile devices, building APIs, and adapting to multilingual needs.

The book takes you step by step through building a Drupal 8 website. Start with the basics, such as setting up a local 'stack' development environment and installing your first Drupal 8 site, then move on to image and media handling, and extending Drupal modules. Push your knowledge by getting to grips with the modular nature of Drupal, and learning to extend it by adding new functionalities to create your new modules. By the end of the book, you will be able to develop and manage a modern and responsive website using Drupal.

This is an absolute beginners' guide, providing step-by-step instructions to help you learn Drupal 8 from scratch.

Book cover from Mastering Drupal 8 Views by Gregg Marshall

9 Mastering Drupal 8 Views

A practical, step-by-step guide with illustrative examples to give you a clear understanding of Drupal 8 views. Get the only book on the market that talks about Drupal 8 views and their importance for developers. Get an understanding of how views work and how they help to create modular applications. Learn how to build complex displays of content, all without programming.

iews were used on more than 80% of all Drupal 7 sites; now they are part of the Drupal 8 core. While most site builders and site owners are aware of views, they don't understand how to take full advantage of their power to create many amazing pages and blocks. If they use views, they might build 10 different view displays with different filters, without knowing that a contextual filter would require only a single display.

Using our sample company, we'll take its existing content and evolve an ever more complex and powerful website for that company, starting with adapting the administration the user sees and moving on to making complex pages of information for site visitors.

While the book is written for Drupal 8, the similarities between Views in Drupal 7 and 8 make this a useful reference for Drupal 7 site builders also.

Book cover from Beginning Drupal 8 by Todd Tomlinson

10 Beginning Drupal 8

Beginning Drupal 8 teaches you how to build, maintain, and manage Drupal 8-based web sites. The book covers what Drupal is, using Drupal when building a new web site, installing and configuring Drupal, creating and managing content, managing users, adding functionality to your web site through Drupal modules, and advanced topics on using themes, panels, and views.

The book also builds practical examples of common Drupal sites, such as a company website, a community website, and a commerce website, that you can take and expand on to create your own Drupal 8 sites. By reading this book, you will understand the power of the Drupal platform, and why you should be using Drupal if you're not already. Through following the samples in the book, you will quickly build your confidence and your ability to use Drupal. Beginning Drupal 8 gives you the knowledge necessary to build, deploy, and manage web sites on Drupal 8.

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